I’m a business owner, who like so many others turned a shipping container into a workshop and office space. I quickly realized that I would have to make modifications to the shipping container for proper ventilation, to provide natural light and to easily install windows, doors and skylights. I looked on you tube and saw people making attempts to solve these problems but found out that after a short time the projects were rusting and/or leaking. This inspired me to create a line of products that anyone can easily install with exceptional results.  Some container companies offer welded solutions which are both expensive and limits you to buying a container only from them. Finally, I turned to my expertise in boat building to create a line of Universal Shipping Container Components.

Our products are made out of fiberglass reinforced plastic, commonly referred to by the initials “FRP”. FRP makes the Shipping Container Universal Components semi-flexible. You will get a strong, water tight fit without breaking. FRP is both durable and highly UV resistant, so I can confidently offer a 40 year guarantee on my product. There are no other products that can be easily attached to your shipping container and achieve such a water tight, reliable and long lasting seal. The comparable results would require paying a metal fabricator for hours of their time.

Our company is owner operated and is an environmentally conscious manufacturer. All of our products are designed, engineered and built in house in Santa Cruz, California! All our materials are domestically sourced.