What are the shipping container adapters made of?

  • Our shipping container components are made from hand-laid semi-flexible industrial and marine grade fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Where are your products made and shipped from?

  • All of our products are handmade and shipped from Santa Cruz, California.

Do we ship to Canada?

  • Yes we do. However, please email admin@uscc-us.com for a quote. Additional shipping costs may apply.

Do we ship to Australia?

  • Unfortunately, we do not currently ship to Australia.

What size turbine vent do your products fit?

  • Both of our shipping container adapters fit a 12 in. turbine vent.

Do you carry vents that fit other size vents than 12 in.?

  • Not at this time.

Can I use a shipping container adapter with a solar powered vent?

  • Yes, as long as it is a 12 in. solar vent.

Do your parts come with a turbine vent?

  • Since we do not manufacture turbine vents, with cost and shipping it would cost our customers more for us to provide them than they can get them at their local hardware store or online.

Is shipping included?

  • Yes, shipping is included within the continental US and Hawaii. Alaska residents please email admin@uscc-us.com for a quote. ¬†Additional shipping costs may apply.

Is the installation kit included?

  • Each part comes with a 2 drill bits, 1 driver bit, 30 screws, abrasive pad and 5200 marine grade adhesive sealant

Does this product have a warranty?

  • The fiberglass portion of our products have a 40 year warranty. Metal screens and hardware are warrantied for 5 years.

How many vents do you think I need for my container?

  • Your ventilation needs will depend on your particular climate and what you are storing. We recommend 1 vent for every 20 ft. of your container. If you have a 40 ft. container, we would recommend 2 vents for proper ventilation. Side intake vents are highly recommended in addition to our roof exhaust vents.

What do you recommend for air intake?

  • We recommend installing four 3 in. soffit vents per vent for proper ventilation. We will soon be offering a soffit vent installation kit.