Installation Instructions

  1. Please read these entire instructions and watch our installation video before you begin! Every cargo container roof has slight deviations in the corrugated spacing, although for the most part, they are even. The Universal Shipping Container Adapter was designed to accommodate minor deviations. It is recommended that prior to installation, the installer check various locations on the roof to find the area that fits the best. Avoid seams and any place that looks uneven due to dents or heavy warping. If it is clear that the adapter does not fit the roof, do not proceed. Contact us and we will advise you on the next steps. The installation process should take less than 30 minutes once you have everything in place, but before proceeding, test the fit of your 12” Whirlybird Turbine Vent on the Universal Adapter. It should fit perfectly with no gaps or difficulty sliding the vent over the curb mount. If it doesn’t fit, do not proceed and contact
  1. To ensure your safety, always use eyewear and hearing protection. Keep your hands clear of blades, grinding discs and drill bits. If you are not proficient in the use of power tools, you should find professional help to cut the holes. Here is a list of tools/supplies you will need:
    • Reciprocating Saw with metal cutting blade.
    • Grinder with 1/8” max thickness abrasive cutoff wheel. (not Required)
    • Drill (any 3/8” or ½” chuck)
    • Drill bit same diameter as reciprocating blade. (not necessary if using grinder to start cuts))
    • Rag
    • Pencil
    • Acetone
    • Masking Tape
    • Measuring Tape
    • Caulk Gun
    • Ear Protection
    • Eye Protection
    • Gloves
  1. Once you have selected an adequate location to mount your vent, place the Universal Adapter in the selected area and carefully pencil a line on the outside edge to mark the container location. Make sure the corrugations are centered as best as possible. If its not perfect, you should still proceed. The Universal Adapter will conform to the container. Drill one hole in one of the center corrugations, install On the opposite center corrugation drill/install screw. Drill remaining holes and then remove two (2) screws. 
  1. Move the Universal Adapter aside and take note of which way it is facing. When installing, the unit should face the same way to match the marked holes. Using painters masking tape, mask ¼” outside of the pencil
  1. With the supplied abrasive pad, thoroughly scuff the roof from the tape line to at least 2” inward. This will prepare the roof to bond with the
  1. Measure and pencil 2 marks approximately 5” (inches) inside of the line on each side with your measuring Then align to your marks and draw a 12” x 12” square. This will be the hole that you will cut.
  1. Using a grinder with a maximum 1/8” thick cutting disc, start your cuts in two corners. Then follow the lines to cut the 12” x 12” hole with your reciprocating If the shipping container has been retrofitted with electricity or gas, make sure not to cut through the wires or pipe. You can also use a drill and bit same size as your reciprocating blade to start your corners. We highly recommend using the grinder with cutoff wheel. If you don not have a reciprocating saw you can cut your entire hole with the grinder.
  1. Using the supplied 3M 5200 Adhesive, apply two (2) parallel 3/8” beads ½” and 1” inside the tape line. It is important to use enough adhesive to make a good seal. There should not be any thin areas as water will find it’s way through. Adhesive should ooze from 100% of all side edges when the screws are tightened as done in step If you have some minor visible voids in adhesive, it is perfectly acceptable to back fill thoroughly with your 3M 5200 Adhesive.
  1. Using care, center the Universal Adapter, lining it up with the previously marked holes, and ensure that the adapter is facing the same
  1. With the screws provided in the installation kit, screw in the mount by first loosely setting screws in to holes. Starting with the center corrugations, tighten the screws half Tighten all of the screws alternating from one side to the next so so that the flashing mount seats uniformly.If installed properly, there will be adhesive visible outside the flashing after the unit is screwed down to the roof. To remove excess adhesive, use a stick or old credit card.Remove masking tape and apply acetone to a clean rag and wipe the excess adhesive. Be careful not to pour or puddle the acetone directly to the area. This can weaken the adhesive as it will travel under the flashing mount. Always apply small amounts of acetone directly to the clean rag and then wipe the area to be cleaned. Never crumple acetone rags and throw in the trash. They should be laid out until they are completely dry before discarding. Crumpled rags that have absorbed flammable liquids can combust. Until in a dry state, keeping acetone soaked rags away from other combustible items is very important.
  1. The final step: Place your 12” Whirlybird Turbine Vent on the mount. The screws provided with the installation kit are self taping and can be screwed directly through the Whirlybird mounting holes into the curb mount

Congratulations on a job well done! These instructions and the installation video allowed you to successfully and permanently install your Universal Shipping Container Adapter. You will experience the benefits for years to come.

Thank You,
Chris and Elizabeth Forrest
Inventor/Builder of Universal Shipping Container Products